Greetings Traveler to the House of the Williams Family

“Oh, you come from afar? Well then, welcome, and please come in to this our stone house! Timothy will take your coats, and Will will usher you over towards the fire. I think Lilly and Ann are in the kitchen helping Mrs. Williams, and as for the rest of the children, they must be playing in the attic. I myself have just come from the cellar, or the basement as you would probably prefer. Please sit down and enjoy yourself to a cup of tea. It is English tea. I’ll tell you the whole story of how the Williamses came here in the first place.” ~Mr. Williams

The entire purpose of this blog is to discuss those characters, places, and events that occur in the novel The Williams House. If you have not read this book, then I highly recommend that you do. You can purchase it here at the Xulon Press bookstore, or here at Amazon. I myself am the author of this work and desire this blog to make this work timeless. So please relax for a moment with a cup of tea and enjoy this blog as you hear tales regarding the Williamses that are in the story, and others that are not. . . .

For more information about me or my published works, please visit my Conservative Cornerstones website here:

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