A Summer Afternoon – Added Scene

.     “Do you remember that time when we dug for treasure with the Bentleys?” Ann asked as she sat on a wicker chair that had been moved out of doors.
.     “Oh, quite well!” said Lilly. “That was the day we found out they were moving.” She stopped her work for a moment (which was darning a dress that had been torn the day before, but that is another story) and looked up at the sky. “It was, in fact, a very similar day to how it is now.”
.     “I know,” said Ann. “That’s what made me think of it.”
.     A soft summer breeze was blowing in the air, and many of their flowers were in full bloom, and the apple trees were growing. They could see the trees in the distance, though they were among the gardens. The sunlight had just been covered by a thick white cloud, though it would soon shine down among them again.
.     “I was just thinking,” said Ann after a while, “Will said that the treasure pieces he found after that seemed to belong to a collection, and though he could not find any more, he didn’t dig much deeper.”
.     “True,” said Lilly, “but the place he was digging has been all covered up again now, and anyway, we have a whole chest full in the chamber beneath the cellar.”
.     “Not full,” said Lilly, “for we still haven’t replaced the amount we used for our trip to England. And the whole could be re-uncovered.”
.     “I suppose we must have a look at it then,” said Lilly, “though we can only try if the boys will help.” Ann saw the smile behind her eyes because she had been darning for nearly two hours and her eyes and fingers needed a rest from the work.
.     “Hurray!” said Ann, “just as if the Bentleys were still here and we were treasure seeking.”
.     “What’s the excitement?” said Johnathon from around the corner.
.     “Can you get the spades, brother dear?” asked Lilly. “We’re all going treasure hunting, and we need your help.”

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